Working as the Vice President of Engineering at Parsley Health, I’m leveraging my experience building beautiful, well-designed user experiences as Lead Developer at Fast Company magazine, and as Technical Director at the creative agency Ronik Design. My goal is always to find elegant solutions to content and workflow problems, and construct the tools to solve them. I have a base of knowledge in Javascript and cloud-based architectures, but try to approach every problem with specificity and open-mindedness.

Work experience

  • Parsley Health [2016]

    As Vice President of Engineering I am building better patient and practitioner experiences, working in the world of HIPAA compliance and electronic medical records.

  • Ronik Design [2014-2016]

    As Technical Director I have overseen the architecture and execution of dozens of client projects, managed interns and other developers, and am constantly evolving the technical solutions we use to make this all happen. We’ve worked with a variety of clients, such as the socially-minded Nonprofit Finance Fund and Purpose, the Phaidon publishing subsidiary Regan Arts, and a host of tech start-ups including Tycoon, MiMedia, and Chartbeat.

  • Fast Company [2011-2014]

    While Lead Developer at Fast Company we took an overburdened Drupal-based website and brought it into the cloud, leveraging AWS and Apache Solr. We also built out a client-side Javascript-based web experience for our millions of monthly uniques, long before that was commonplace, optimizing for responsiveness and engagement beyond the first page load. The editor experience was completely overhauled, and enhanced to support publishing to a network of five sites, with sophisticated scheduling features that allowed fluid cross-posting and scheduling throughout all the properties.

  • Mansueto Ventures [2005-2011]

    I began working as a production coordinator at Mansueto Ventures (publisher of business magazines Inc. and Fast Company) with a particular focus on producing podcasts and videos, before YouTube or an iTunes Store existed offering podcasts. Over the years I recorded, produced and handled technical aspects of distributing hundreds of scrappy news and business-interest pieces, including the creation of encoding workflows, and designing and coding players and archives.

  • Freelance projects

    Though I don’t have much time for this lately, I still manage the website for the Swedish art gallery Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Over several years this site has grown to house thousands of works by more than 20 artists, and hundreds of news items and events. I’m happy to say, I very rarely need to do anything to it.

    I was also involved in filming and producing a music documentary, for which I have an IMDB credit.


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [1999-2003]
    Bachelor of Arts with a dual-major in Anthropology and Cultural Studies

    This is a fairly non-standard major for a programmer. I hoped to study philosophy with a contemporary bent, and also make films. I was constantly attempting to inject the primitive internet and computer-produced art into my work.

    3.8 GPA.

Languages, technologies, &etc.

  • Languages: Javascript (ES5, ES2015, ES7) / Ruby / PHP
  • CMSs: Drupal / Jekyll / Craft CMS / Wordpress
  • Frameworks: Node.js / HAPI / Express / nginx
  • Front-end: React / Redux / Knockout / HTML / Sass & CSS
  • AWS: EC2 / ELB / Dynamo / S3 / Lambda / SQS / Route 53
  • Search: Apache Solr / Elastic Search
  • Tooling: Gulp / Grunt / Shell scripts