Michael Shick

Michael Shick

Software Engineer in Brooklyn, NY



NextAuthAllAccess wraps NextAuth to provide JWKS verifiable access tokens for third-party APIs.


An e-commerce starter kit.


A popular and early GitHub Actions action with 5000 installs. Allows you to easily add to your PR issues in an Actions workflow.

Work Experience

2020 — Now
Brooklyn, NY
  • Designed and implemented substantial portions of the schema language that powers the GraphQL service mesh platform, adding a crucial directives feature that allows complex data transforms to be easily written as serializable configuration.
  • Created a comprehensive e-commerce demonstration project supporting sales and subscriptions in Next.js, TypeScript and React. This has been instrumental in all major clients (> $1k/month) acquired for the past year.
  • Wrote an open-source library that allows the popular NextAuth.js library to be leveraged in authenticating against third-party APIs through industry standard JWKS asymmetric cryptography.
  • Affected numerous devex overhauls; migrated CI services and halved CI runtime through intelligent analysis; reskinned and modernized the web client; developed a schema migration routine.
2016 — 2020
New York, NY
  • Started with the health care provider during their initial seed phase with no technology to speak of. Created the initial HIPAA-compliant patient web application frontend and backend using React, Node.js, Postgres and Aptible.
  • Led the engineering efforts from Seed to Series B, hiring a 15 person engineering team. Also sourced and launched an engineering team in Costa Rica to help with cost and velocity which was fully incorporated and grew to a 5 person headcount.
  • Worked with engineering team to design a new clinical application that handled billing, patient population management and scheduling services. Oversaw design and implementation of a new web client, new purchase pipeline, a native mobile application, a new marketing website new store.
  • Worked closely with Design and Product Management leads to implement integrated team structures (pods), to develop the product road map, and to secure talent and build our team culture.
  • During my tenure the number of patients grew over 10x and we started seeing patients in 10 states.
2014 — 2016
Brooklyn, NY
  • Provided technical project management for the full-service digital agency.
  • Developed a event-driven, streaming data backend and interactive video frontend to display tagged Instagram items for Purpose.com.
  • Developed a highly designed e-commerce experience for an imprint of Phaidon Books.
  • Managed a team of 3 engineering interns.
  • Utilized Node.js, Firebase, React, Python, AWS, and other technologies as the project demanded.
2011 — 2014
New York, NY
  • Senior engineer for the business magazine's website. Part of the initial team that rewrote the site's rendering layer in a very early version of Node.js and AWS to support traffic spikes that went to millions of page views per day.
  • Worked with Scott Thomas (designer for the Obama campaign) to redevelop the user experience and create multiple topic verticals.
  • Created Drupal CMS features, creating editor experiences that would support the complex design systems.
  • Worked with Javascript, Backbone.js and PHP.
2005 — 2011
New York, NY
  • Produced hundreds of audio and video podcasts for business magazines Inc. and Fast Company.
  • Developed video integrations for the Drupal CMS to ease content ingest.
  • Managed vendor relations with video hosts and ad platforms to ensure fast, reliable delivery.